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CodeRedGear.com, created by firefighters, for firefighters, now has expanded to include products for those involved in FIRE, Recue, EMS, TACTICAL Operations, POLICE, CAMPING, and SURVIVAL gear.  
We represent the top names in the industries we cover.  Additionally, we are an Authorized Phenix Technology, Inc. DealerNow operating for nearly four decades, Phenix Technology has accumulated a wealth of design knowledge and is a recognized manufacturer and seller of high quality professional fire helmets built to NFPA industry standards. Phenix Technology’s fire helmets are used by thousands of firefighters in the United States and worldwide.

Competitive pricing, a caring attitude toward our customers makes CodeRedGear.com the superior choice for a vendor.  For larger quantities or municpal sales, please contact us directly for a quote.
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Manufacturer products CodeRedGear.com offers

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